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This company sickeningly thrives off innocent consumers not having any other feasible means of transportation home by monopolizing an industry connecting concert goers from Manhattan to the New Jersey MetLife stadium. 1.5 hour long lines just to get on a bus with no communication with staff accessible.

The company continues to thrive because they have no competition. Don’t forget to vote November 2018 to call out corporations on their *** Corporations are not people.

Let’s remember that and stand for our rights. Stand for humanity.

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May you please tell me were do some can go to vote? Yes, Coach USA bus company hire drivers with a bad driving record and deadly attitude.

Wilsone Romain Haitian bus driver killed my son then bragged about killing him. Coach USA and an NJ Transit Attorney lie for these dangerous bus driver and keep them on their job.

Please support this petition by signing https://www.change.org/p/stop-reckless-aggressive-and-rude-bus-drivers-from-carelessly-taking-young-innocent-lives-like-deshon-johnson You can share your story on this petition. #Justicefordeshon.


QUOTE : "vote November 2018 to call out corporations on their *** " ... Please explain just exactly how you intend to do that ?

Is there a Constitutional Amendment outlawing private business up for vote ? If you're simply ( ! ) trying to encourage me to vote for Socialists, Left wingers, very young candidates, non-business persons who have never held a job outside the public sphere, Communists, etc. , forget it.

Get a job and buy a car and stop griping about someone else's business. Nobody owes you anything.

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